Hello My Name is thingNY // Arete Gallery // NYC

Date: December 18, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm

Jessie Marino – The Whale Is a Capital Fish
Sam Scranton – Baleen
Paul Pinto – mini_007
Jennifer Walshe – Language Ruins Everything
Robert Ashley – Tap Dancing in the Sand

A night of audio-visual chamber music and sonic theaters. The program explores the sounds of language through its obscuration and translation. Rome Prize fellow Jessie Marino‘s multimedia The Whale Is a Capital Fish is part video lecture, part ritualistic absurdity, with instruments frenetically trying to keep up with rapid-fire translations and “incorrect” supertitles, and then Sam Scranton’s meditative Baleen utilizes the mouth as a filter for digestion, language and harmony, with the skillful employment of decorative vases. A quartet of desperate job interviewers struggles to get words-in-edgewise in Paul Pinto‘s joyfully awkward mini_007, and Irish humorist Jennifer Walshe implores us to consider that Language Ruins Everything through tai chi, falsetto and mime. Finally, the bilingual oracular statements of Hector Berlioz, as played by Alvin Lucier imitating Dr. Chicago, “translated” into the creamy poetry and instrumental lilts of Robert Ashley, in his stunning, rarely performed work, Tap Dancing in the Sand.

Performed by thingNY:
Andrew Livingston, Dave Ruder, Erin Rogers, Gelsey Bell, Jeffrey Young, & Paul Pinto

$15 advance, $20 at the door
more info & tickets at www.thingNY.com/hello

Come early to take part in Arete’s new audio-visual installation by thingNY.

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