thingNY // 10th Anniversary of ADDDDDDDDD // Spectrum

Date: April 21, 2020

We’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of ADDDDDDDDD!

Shows run: April 21-25, 2020
Spectrum // 70 Flushing Ave // Brooklyn

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“This ain’t your daddy’s jukebox musical, unless, of course, we’re your daddy.
Then yes. This is your daddy’s jukebox musical.” 

Focus.  thingNY will tell you stories, sing you songs, scream in your face, try to sell you stuff and rant recklessly to themselves, filling your ears with the sweet sounds of excess.  Highlighting the everyday excesses of our lives (workaholism, vanity, the thrill of consumption, the joys of gluttony, the elation of libation) ADDDDDDDDD is thingNY’s opera of attention-deficient songs, monologues and infomercials sharply arranged into a sixty-minute joyride with five performers.

With influences ranging from Robert Ashley to Anthony Braxton to Bjork, ADDDDDDDDD is collaboratively composed and performed by Paul Pinto, Isabel Castellvi, Jeffrey Young, Erin Rogers and Andrew Livingston, whose poetically verbose performance blend instrumental dexterity with five-part harmony and charmingly absurd character ticks.

Opening with the earnest and absurd prologue “Stories By Interesting People”, ADDDDDDDDD quickly becomes a montage of chants, rants, jingles, and commercial interruptions.

Released in 2010 as thingNY’s first album (with an accompanying comic book libretto), the ensemble of composer-performers have continued to work at the intersection of performance art, chamber and electronic music, and multimedia theatre.


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