Hello World

duration: 3:00
instrumentation: Flute (+ electronics, video)
premiere: June 19, 2020 // Library of Congress
premiere performer: Wet Ink (Erin Lesser, flute)
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2020
Hello World was commissioned by The Library of Congress as part of the Boccaccio Project.

Program Note:
Orbiting a sonic portal to the outerworld, a flutist self-arranges within a mirrored video frame. The face-to-face encounter sets the scene for introduction, reintroduction, and exploration of tone, timbre and text through whispers, spasms, pace, and position. Hello World is an autobiographical character study.
—Erin Rogers (2020)

Hello World is under exclusivity and not yet available for purchase.

“decidedly future-oriented” —Broadway World [Full article]

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