House of Doors

duration: 7:00
instrumentation: Trombone (+ Electronics)
premiere performer: Mark Broschinsky, Trombone
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2018
House of Doors was commissioned by Mark Broschinsky (ensemble mise-en), and completed while in residence at Copland House, Cortlandt Manor, New York, as a recipient of the Aaron Copland Award.

Program Note:
House of Doors
is my second piece to explore the legendary house in Ohio where no person resides, but that is filled with doors of all kinds. In addition to its functional doors, there are doors stacked on the floor, behind the counter, above the attic, under the bed, beside the fireplace, and across the room. In my mind, the doors consist of a variety of materials – wood, fiberglass, metal, some contain glass panels intact and broken, others with hinges and screws hanging off. The doors are mostly worn, in various stages of disrepair. Some have been painted or stained. Others are rotting. The lore of this house is a source of endless inspiration. House of Doors was written for trombonist, Mark Broschinsky. —Erin Rogers (2018)

House of Doors is under exclusivity and currently unavailable for purchase.