How Do You Television

Duration: 14:00
Instrumentation: Bb Clarinet, Cello, E-zither, Keyboard Synth, Percussion, Electronics (+ fixed media)
Premiere: October 18, 2018 // Resonanzraum, Hamburg
Premiere performer: Decoder Ensemble (Carola Schaal, clarinet; Leopold Hurt, electric zither; Sonja Lena Schmid, cello; Andrej Koroliov, keyboard synth; Jonathan Shapiro, percussion; Alexander Schubert, sound)
Publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2018

How Do You Television was commissioned by Decoder.

Program Note:
Decoder’s queen bee, favorite son, hip mom, angsty photographer, celebrity chef,/DJ/bad cop, and sound guy named “Brad” (hostess with the mostess) are special TV guests at a panel discussion, game show, jury, graduation ceremony, rowing team practice, halftime special, beauty pageant, tech roll-out, political roundtable, parent teacher association meeting, pirate convention, and featured tournament table, sporting bling, babies, bass beats, catfish, toys, gaff tape, old-school radio, water, attitude, opinions, judgment, and authority.                                                                                                           —Erin Rogers (2018)

How Do You Television is under exclusivity and currently unavailable for purchase.