Jaw Box

duration: 8:30
instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone (solo)
premiere: September 12, 2016 // James C. Olson PAC // UMKC Conservatory // Kansas City, MO
premiere performer: Geoffrey Landman
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2016
Jaw Box was commissioned by Geoffrey Landman.

Featured performance: Dan Kochersberger, St. John’s Lutheran Church (NYC)

Program Note:
Jaw Box occupies a realm between pitch, unpitch, speech, and noise. Sounds are acoustic, produced by the solo soprano saxophonist, vocally, bodily, through the instrument, or in combinations. Air noises at peak levels, bundled in abrupt gestures with directed physical momentum, draw the observer into a world of convulsive intensity within a confined dynamic range; loudness in the absence of loudness.
—Erin Rogers (2018)

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