North River

duration: 6:00
instrumentation: Voice, Guitar
premiere: May 5, 2007 // The Monkey, NYC
premiere performer: Ursula’s End (Holly Nadal, mezzo sop; David Nadal, gtr)
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2007
North River was funded (in part) by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Queens Council on the Arts Community Fund.
audio excerpt

Program Note:
The North Saskatchewan River flows from the Canadian Rockies to Lake Winnipeg, covering Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of Manitoba. The waters eventually flow into Hudson’s Bay, connecting western Canada to the Atlantic Ocean.

Text: by Erin Rogers

River shallow
She calls my name
I’m in a deep dream
Mother, Brother
Fall away
Oh river, fall
The water fights
It falls
It rises
Take me with you


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