Shimmering Dust

duration: 8:00
instrumentation: Flute, Percussion (Cymbal)
premiere: November 19, 2015 // Stony Brook Premieres! // Roulette, Brooklyn
premiere performer: Stony Brook Contemporary Players (Hristina Blagoeva, flute; Brian Smith, percussion)
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2015

Shimmering Dust was commissioned for the 28th Annual Stony Brook Premieres! Concert
Featured performance: Conor Nelson, Dan Piccolo // 2017 Bowling Green New Music Festival

Program Note:
Shimmering Dust (2015) for flute and cymbal explores the sonic relationship between air and metal. The title evokes a visual image of the intended sound world. Air in its human form – breathed, blown, whispered, sung. Air acting upon an element – forced air, directed air, resisted air, air through metal piping. Air in combination – a resonant texture, layered white noise, a trace of pitch. Metal acted upon by an element – air, flesh, hair, metal, rubber, plastic. Metal when brushed, struck, scraped, scratched, rolled, tapped, bowed. Metal in combination – a hint of vibration, a background spectrum of pitches, an edgy decay. —Erin Rogers (2015)

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