The Dionysian

duration: 10:00
instrumentation: Alto Saxophone, Piano, Percussion
premiere: November 14, 2005 // Circulo des Bellas Artes // Madrid, Spain
premiere performer: Tribuna Sax Ensemble
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2005

The Dionysian was awarded by the Rostrum Sax-Ensemble of young composers for the Ciclo Música para el Tercer Milenio 2005, and presented by Madrid’s Fundacion Sax-Ensemble.

Featured performance: Kovalis Duo + William Street // MACH II Concert Series
Convocation Hall, University of Alberta // Edmonton, Canada

Program Note:
In 2004, I explored the musical possibilities of superimposing a free flowing, timbral and gestural soundscape upon a pre-existing formal structure within a derived pitch scheme. The process yielded a third layer that seemed to transcend the initial collision, the mobile elements in effect building upon the immobile rather than contradicting them. The Dionysian, completed in March of 2005 is an intricate web with a romantic core, wrought through an organic concept of space, flowing naturally through time. —Erin Rogers (2005)

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