The Shape of Things

duration: 7:30
instrumentation: Violin
premiere: March 11, 2006, Lang Hall // Hunter College, NYC
premiere performer: Rachel Golub, violin
A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2006

The Shape of Things was written for and premiered by Rachel Golub, with support from the Astoria Music Society and the Lost Dog Ensemble.
Featured performance: Tatiana Warszynski // The Shape of Things, PGMAudio 2020

Program Note:
Expressive and passionate, The Shape of Things evolves over three lyrical sections, each building internally and successively. The title depicts a state of excited pondering, where thoughts race back and forth, alternating between logical and emotional, growing from small to large, drawing shapes and scenes of all colors and size, tracing sharp edges and corners, brushing soft, round curves. The climax occurs with the return of the opening theme pulsing through the instrument.                              —Erin Rogers (2006)

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