Seven Immediacies Series, Vol. 5

Date: May 31, 2012
Time: 7:30 pm

Experimental music ensemble thingNY and Vaudeville Park present the Seven Immediacies Series

May 31, 2012 – thingNY’s Seven Immediacies Series, Vol. 5
Odeya Nini
Jason Anastasoff’s Full Body Ensemble
The Panoply Performance Laboratory

The fifth installment of its Seven Immediacies Series will focus on “the body” in musical performance. The audience will enter in the middle of the first of two pieces from Panoply Performance Laboratory and thingNY’s collaborative experiment, TIME: A Complete Explanation in Three Parts. Los Angeles based composer and vocalist Odeya Nini will perform A Solo Voice, and present In Light of Darkness, for solo piano, performed by Paul Pinto. Composer and massage therapist Jason Anastasoff leads the performance of a new work for large ensemble and masseuse. Finally, thingNY and PPL resume their interminable performance for the rest… of… time.

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

Doors @ 7pm

Sliding Scale donation: $5-15

The Seven Immediacies Series is new music ensemble thingNY’s first official foray into curating a series as a group. Each installment of the series will pair local and visiting emerging classical and experimental artists with a new work, difficult to program because of its extreme length or unusual ensemble.

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