thingNY goes to Edmonton

Date: April 26, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm

On April 26, 2014 thingNY will be presented by New Music Edmonton! I’m so excited to return to my home province for this special performance, please come!

For our first concert in Canada, we will present a new version of their opera-in-progress This takes place close by. This set of interweaving operatic stories, scenes and soundscapes depicts people and places before, during and after devastating storms. Told often in the dark, this experimental opera explores the eerie, the absurd and the abstract through song, speech and whispering.

Against the Current: new music + theatre
April 26, 2014
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
10037 84 Avenue

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thingNY (“thing New York”), a collective of composer-performers, has been described by Alex Ross of The New Yorker as “striking an attitude of resistance to mainstream culture.”  Mixing media and genres,thingNY will present a program of new theatrical works written specifically for the ensemble including a piece by NME member Erin Rogers, and a set of miniatures by artistic director Paul Pinto. In addition, the ensemble will perform a short episode from their upcoming serial opera, Jeff Young and Paul Pinto, Patriots, Run for Public Office on a Platform of Swift and Righteous Immigration Reform, Lots of Jobs, and a Healthy Environment: An Opera.

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