Felder Intervention #13 @ Commend, NYC

Date: April 22, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm

April 22nd at 7pm at Commend NYC. 172 Forsyth, New York, NY 10002

Throughout the month of April, in conjunction with the release of his new record Felder, Jan St. Werner (of Mouse on Mars) and a curated group of artists and performers will be offering unique, individual interpretations of the album.

“Felder” means “fields” in German, referring here to “unstable territories, radiation, musical situations without distinct boundaries happening simultaneously but not necessarily synced.” Werner elaborates: “It is possible to interpret Felder without using any of the original material. The rework can be played by a brass band or read as a story. It can also be a collaborative performance or an electronic playback piece for a radio station or a sound installation in a gallery or someone’s living room. Whether the installation is about sound, light or words is up to the invited artists.”

Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro), Erin Rogers and James Hoff as a trio will be playing Felder at Commend, a storefront in NYC that is the home of RVNG Records. Roberto will replay Felder through striped magnetic tape audio cards that he will assemble and collage in real-time with his computer. The audio cards have random samples of Felder recorded onto them. Erin Rogers will be playing saxophone according to predetermined infinite musical roadmaps and James Hoff will be transforming Felder using an array of software sequenced and modulated by computer viruses. Felder means: board; field, area; sphere, domain; scope, extent, range; piece of land; surface; land designated for sports. NYC is a place where space is unique, so much is divided up and the tiniest of places can be sacred and grand. This performance will touch on that aspect of Felder, infinite space in sound.

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