“Dear Nancine” // thingNY @ Look+Listen

Date: May 1, 2021

Part of the Look + Listen Festival 2021: At home edition, “Dear Nancine” is thingNY’s at-home, month-long series of multimedia gifts delivered through the U.S. mail. These gifts are for the receivers to enjoy alone or with household mates and close friends, and will offer ways to engage on the page, online, on a phone, outdoors, and potentially… with your old friend Nancine.

More information at: thingNY.com/events

Signups have reached capacity but you can keep up with the project at: dearnancine.com

“Dear Nancine” is being created for and because of the artistic and political reflections about “our land” and “our space,” given that the past year has forced us to occupy the smallest sliver of those things.

Posted on March 8, 2021 by erin

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