CARNEGIE HILL CONCERTS presents: Erin Rogers & Popebama

Date: March 29, 2022
Time: 7:30 pm



Church of the Advent Hope
111 E 87th StNew York, NY 10128

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COVID-19 vaccination required for in-person attendance.

Set 1

Erin Rogers, saxophone

Selections from 2000 Miles by Erin Rogers

Fresh off the release of her second solo album from Relative Pitch Records, saxophonist Erin Rogers opens with a 20-min set, diving deep into the sonic underbelly of the instrument, uncovering a radiant world of curiosity and imagination. From human fragility to noisy virtuosity, Rogers forges an alternate voice for the saxophone, percussively blending tone with mechanism and melody with vocalization, gutturals and breath. Rogers will perform works from her recent solo release, 2000 Miles.

Set 2


Erin Rogers, Saxophone + Electronics
Dennis Sullivan, Percussion + Electronics
[title TBA] (2022) new work by Seong Ae Kim – program notes forthcoming
Basket Case by Erin Rogers

During a recent Popebama road trip, it became apparent through the constant dashboard drumming, that Dennis Sullivan knew the drum solos/fills to nearly every 90’s hit that landed on our randomized playlist. The drum fills in Green Day’s Basket Case (Dookie, 1994) are rhythmically simple, yet played at top speed present such a perfectly crisp noise, that the song deserves a 30-year anniversary tribute. Paired with 0-coast semi-mod desktop synth, FX pedals, a too-hot mic, and a catalog of soprano multiphonics, Basket Case attempts to embody its next-generation self.

[title TBA] (2022) new work by Dennis Sullivan – program notes forthcoming

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