Fire Over Heaven @ Outpost, Ridgewood

Date: March 17, 2022
Time: 7:30 pm

This month’s edition of Fire Over Heaven will be a special A/V presentation featuring sound and light works by Lindsay Packer & Lathan Hardy and a new ensemble piece by FOH perennial David First. Lindsay Packer’s work moves through the codes of filmmaking, architecture and the analog/digital spectrum with an improviser’s sensibility. Often drawing musicians and sound artists into dialogue with her real-time color/light/projection structures, she’s collaborated with FOH alum Anaïs Maviel and experimental electronics duo Fan Letters. Here she’ll be presenting a new iteration of her Viewfinders project with saxophonist and composer Lathan Hardy, who some FOH fans may remember from his work with the George Steeltoe Ensemble or collaborations with Sean Ali and Flin van Hemmen…David First will present a new piece entitled “Girders pt.1” which he describes as “an audio/visual exploration of just intonation and its ill-tempered opposites”, featuring members of his The Western Enisphere–Sam Kulik, Ian Douglas-Moore, and Danny Tunick–with special guest Erin Rogers. David First’s fascinating career has stretched from playing in Cecil Taylor’s large ensembles at the age of twenty to his late 70s noise punk band The Notekillers, on to a series of focused explorations of electronic music and instruments ranging from harmonica to sitar, which somehow bring us to his recent ensemble meditations on the inherent messiness of intonation and the ecstatic nature of long durations. A great night for the eyes and ears.

Once again, we’ll be requiring proof of vaccine and booster or negative covid PCR test result within the last 24 hours. Masking will also be required while inside. Our bar will remain closed for the time being but we will have water available. We’ll be limiting the audience to 30 so purchasing advanced tickets is highly recommended!

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