Basket Case

duration: 7:00
instrumentation: soprano saxophone, 0-coast semi mod desktop synth, percussion, electronics
premiere: Dec 11, 2021 // Alliance of Resident Theatres, Brooklyn, NY
premiere performer: Popebama (Erin Rogers + Dennis Sullivan)
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2021

Featured performance: Popebama, Glidden Hall, Ohio University (Athens, OH)

Program Note:
During a Popebama road trip in 2021, it became apparent through the excessive dashboard drumming, that Dennis Sullivan knew the drum fills to nearly every 90’s hit that landed on the randomized playlist. The fills in Green Day’s “Basket Case” (Dookie, 1994) are rhythmically simple, but when played at top speed present such a perfectly crisp noise, that the song deserves a 30-year anniversary tribute. Paired with 0-Coast semi-mod desktop synth, freeze + ring modulation pedals, a peaked-out vocal mic, and a catalog of soprano multiphonics, Basket Case encounters its next-generation self. —Erin Rogers

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