Conduire, Camion

Duration: 9:00
Instrumentation: String Quartet
Premiere: October 6, 2017 // Cathedral Hall, Jersey City, NJ
Premiere performer: Con Vivo String Quartet (Mazz Swift + Jae Lee, violin; Amelia Hollander Ames, viola; Julia Biber, cello)
Publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2017
Conduire, Camion was commissioned by Con Vivo Music.

Program Note:
Conduire, “to drive, take, lead or conduct,” is an irregular French verb with a conjugation so unusual and unwieldy that it doesn’t fall into any pattern. Pitched and non-pitched sounds combine to create textures akin to traffic noise, or any chaotic scene for that matter, passing occasionally into a soundtrack of inner thoughts, or what one might define as “contemplative” sound. The English word “conduit” is clever but not beautiful. Camion means truck in French. Written September 2017 for Amelia Hollander Ames and the Con Vivo String Quartet. —Erin Rogers

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