Conduire, Camion

Duration: 9:00
Instrumentation: String Quartet
Premiere: October 6, 2017 // Cathedral Hall, Jersey City, NJ
Premiere performer: Con Vivo String Quartet (Mazz Swift + Jae Lee, violin; Amelia Hollander Ames, viola; Julia Biber, cello)
Publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2017
Conduire, Camion was commissioned by Con Vivo Music.

Program Note:
Conduire, “to drive, take, lead or conduct,” is one of those highly irregular French verbs with a conjugation so unusual and unwieldy that it doesn’t fall into any pattern. Pitched and non-pitched sounds combine to create textures akin to traffic noise, or any chaotic scene for that matter, passing occasionally into a soundtrack of inner thoughts, or what one might define as “contemplative” sound, possibly while driving (or not). The English word “conduit” is clever but not beautiful enough to be title-worthy. Camion means truck in French. Written September 2017 for Amelia Hollander Ames and the Con Vivo String Quartet.
—Erin Rogers (2017)