Duration: 12:00
Instrumentation: saxophone quartet (SATB)
Premiere: September 10, 2023 // Dimenna Center, NYC
Premiere Performer: New Thread Quartet
Publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2023
Foliage was written for, and premiered by, the New Thread Quartet in celebration of their new alto saxophonist, Noa Even.

Program Note:
Plant leaves. Detailed textures, smooth and jagged, protruding stems and veins, colorful hues, full-of-holes, mutant, bendable, wet, dry, crunchy,  Moving vigorously, moving somewhat, completely still. Attached. Detached. Stately trees, regular trees, standing out amongst the others, part of a cluster. Growing slowly over time, cycling season-to-season, altering course with changing weather patterns. Birthing, dying annually, evolving through millennia, evolving at every moment. —Erin Rogers

Foliage is available for purchase. Please contact the composer: erogers23(at)