Music Box

duration: 9:00
instrumentation: soprano, baritone, soprano saxophone, violin, cello, JU-06 synth
premiere: Oct 29, 2022 // Music Box, David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center
premiere performer: thingNY
publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2022

Music Box was commissioned by thingNY for the re-opening of David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center on October 2022.

Program Note:
Music Box was written and premiered specifically for thingNY’s performance for the NY Philharmonic’s re-opening of the David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center in October 2022. Located one story above the convergence of Broadway and 65th st in Manhattan, with floor-to-ceiling windows on street-facing sides, the “Music Box” forms security blanket between the streets and concert hall. Music Box interprets and translates sounds on both sides while the members of thingNY capture and energize the space  —Erin Rogers