Duration: 8:00
Instrumentation: 6 electronics players
Premiere: January 27, 2023 // Murray Hall, Michigan State University
Premiere Performer: Ensemble Decipher
Publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2023
Telegraph was commissioned by Ensemble Decipher with support from the Alice M. Ditson Fund.

Program Note:
Telegraphy is the long-distance transmission of coded messages. The training of homing pigeons to carry messages dates back to ancient Persia (3000 BC). In 1844, the first electrical telegraph message was sent from Washington to Baltimore. As a verb, to telegraph means to convey (an intentional or unconscious message), especially with facial expression or body language. The word takes on multiple meanings in a performative setting, guided by sonic events.  —Erin Rogers

Telegraph is under exclusivity and currently unavailable for purchase.