Duration: 7:00
Instrumentation: Tenor Saxophone, Percussion, Junk, Electronics (2 Players)
Premiere: May 11, 2017 // New Music Gathering // Bowling Green State University, OH (revised version premiered January 26, 2018 // SPLICE Festival, Western Michigan University, MI)
Premiere performer: Popebama (Erin Rogers, Dennis Sullivan)
Publisher: A-Town Publications (ASCAP) © 2017

Program Note:
Wormhole focuses on manipulation of air and adventures across electronic universes with excessive instrumental baggage. Each instrument, from the saxophone-to-bellow-foot-pedals-to-whistles-to-megaphones, produce sound via some degree of forced air, the two performers visually embedded within a junkyard of mechanisms. Instruments are amplified via standard, contact, and capsule microphones, zooming-in so that sounds can be seen and heard through the smallest of apertures, enhanced through various reverbs, and captured via freezing of acoustic moments.
—Erin Rogers (2017)

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